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The Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research

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Laboratory Activities and Covid-19

Laboratory operations are resuming on a scaled back and limited service in line with Government and University regulations. Please contact us if you need any further information

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SIRA turns 30!

The VG ISOGAS SIRA Dual Inlet Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer celebrates three decades of service in the Godwin Lab this month. Originally purchased by Professor Sir Nick Shackleton in November 1989, the instrument has run over 140,000 samples in this time. The instrument has had some changes over the years, such as replacing the common acid bath carbonate preparation system with a more user friendly and automated Multiprep Carbonate System. Thanks to some TLC (and latterly relying on some spare parts from the decommissioned PRISM instrument) the SIRA is still going strong!

People: Nick Shackleton

Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton (1937-2006) was a pioneer in the field of Palaeoclimate studies and was the Director of the Godwin Laboratory for many years. The picture on the left is a postage stamp that was released for the Royal Society's 350th anniversary and is a fitting tribute. The link below is an obituary produced by The Royal Society.

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Projects: JC089 - A Scientific Voyage

It may have been three years ago but what lasting impressions did the RRS James Cook voyage Leave? Did we get all the data we needed? How has sampling gone and most importantly are we back to normal? See how life aboard a research vessel is by clicking below!

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Perfectly Foramed

These tiny microfossils known collectively as foraminifera are the key to understanding ocean conditions throughout the ages. Once recovered from the sediment we test their composition and build a record of past conditions of the water column. In the Godwin lab a lot of work on forams is carried out in the area affectionately known as 'the picking room'.

Senior Technical Officer celebrates long service

The Godwin Lab's Senior Technical Officer celebrated 25 years of long service in a small ceremony with the Head of Department and Vice Chancellor. First starting as a Laboratory Technician, James has worked his way up and now oversees the running of the lab.

History: Former lab site reveals secrets

The former site of the Godwin Laboratory has been excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. Although reported in the Cambridge News, you can see their findings on the link below. We may not have skeletons in the closet but they were under the basement!

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It's Sedimentary, Dear Watson!

Finding clues to our past is a complex process. Our ocean cores are processed in the Sedimentary Laboratory. Learn more about how our sleuthing scientists extract cores from the ocean floor and how we process them here.

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People: Mike Hall

Mike Hall worked closely with Nick Shackleton and helped pioneer many of the techniques we use today. Check out his extensive memoirs on life, the universe and everything (palaeoclimate related) stored at the British Library below.

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