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The Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research



Mostly, I examine the coarse fractions (>150 micron m) extracted from deep-sea marine sediments. I am in charge of some of the necessary preparations of foraminifera prior to their geochemical analysis in the isotopic facility. Firstly, I am a micropaleontologist who applies her expertise on foraminifera and coarse fractions sedimentology to the reconstructions of a range of paleoenvironmental changes during the Cenozoic. (i.e. the last 65 Ma). I identify and sometimes count the abundances of planktic foraminifera and also some of the most common benthic foraminifera species. Secondarily, I am using and interpreting other data from common techniques in paleoclimatology (i.e. stable isotopes, trace metals in foraminifera).
I carry out and often switch between my personal research and supporting others in theirs.

I am based in room S305, where I am usually working on my microscope but I also work in the sedimentary laboratory or in the weighing room.

I am currently working on several projects all aimed at a better understanding of paleoclimatic changes during the last 1Ma.
I am holding the supporting role of Chief Research Technician (in micropaleontological preparations of deep-sea samples).

Over the last 20 years since my PhD in Bordeaux and moving to Cambridge I have worked on several IODP sites, but only in 2014, was I privileged to sail on IODP EXP 350 as a biostratigrapher and foraminifera expert.

orcid 0000-0003-2534-219X

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